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About Us

Topline Selections that has been dominant in the textile market since 2001 and has extensive know-how experience in the sector. We are offering high-quality products to our customers with our expert team.

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Topline Selection consolidates its place in the market every day with the desire for success and experience and aims to be a leader in retail and wholesale. The company has an extensive collection including bathrobe, towel, bedsheet, pillow and bedcover to meet every need of the customers. The company aims to promote Turkish products in North America sells the products under the assurance of international certificates with social and environmental awareness.

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Topline Selection has the best product quality and adopts on-time delivery and good service principles for high customer satisfaction. Additionally, the company plans to open
warehouses in a few regions to offer better and faster services to the customers. 
Topline Selection has a wide customer audience including lingerie stores, B&B, spa, hotels, gyms and offers wholesale services on online platforms (Amazon, Facebook, Etsy).

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